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SmartWork understands that the Agency relies upon our services to protect the End Client and the Agency. At the same time, the Agency relies on SmartWork to ensure the contractor provides the services in a smooth and worry-free way.

SmartWork continuously updates its services in line with existing legislation and upon the advice of leading tax counsel and industry experts.

To build a long-term relationship, you will have your own dedicated SmartWork Agency Manager.

Referral Fees

SmartWork pays a £100 referral fee either to the Agent, or to an Agency pool, for every contractor who has billed through SmartWork for a minimum of 6 Weeks or 3 Months.

SmartWork Service Benefits

  • No MSC or debt transfer risk as we supply only flexible workers who are permanently employed by SmartWork with full PAYE and NIC deducted from their salary
  • All SmartWork employees will be 100% tax compliant in line with current legislation – ensuring no risk or liability to the Agency or their client.
  • We work hard to maximise SmartWork employees’ take-home pay
  • We work to the rigorous and unique SmartWork SLA
  • SmartWork employees also benefit from skills assessment and training programmes – keeping their skills up-to-date and maximising their value to the client

Our Service Promise

  • Speedy and efficient turnaround of contractor documentation
  • Quick and accurate invoicing
  • Access to your personal SmartWork Agency Manager
  • Direct line to the Invoicing and Payments team
  • Fully transparent and compliant procedures
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